Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Mrs. Bauer' Kindergarten class

When in this website there where many aspects that were interesting to me as teacher and a parents.  The website included the classroom rules, photos of the different things happening in the classroom, the important subjects and goals that the teacher has for the students. 
The classroom was set up in a way allowed the students to move freely within the room.  There are six children to a table and it was not crowed at all.  There was plenty room for the students personal space.  The room was neat and clean and well kept.  Overall this was website was very helpful.  The website had different activities that the teacher felt was important for the parents to know about as well.

Mrs. Keenan's Kindergarten Class

I would have to say this was an excellent website. Within the website she incorporated classroom behavior and a responsive classroom. Her website included the key responsive classroom practices and here they are as she has  them listed

Key Responsive Classroom practices include the following: *  Morning Meeting:  A daily routine that builds community, creates a positive climate for learning, and reinforces academic and social skills.
*  Rules and Logical Consequences:  A clear and consistent approach to discipline that fosters responsibility and self-control.
*  Guided Discovery:  A format for introducing materials that encourages inquiry, heightens interest, and teaches care of the school environment.
*  Academic Choice:  An approach to giving children choices in their learning that helps them become invested, self-motivated learners.
*  Classroom Organization:  Strategies for arranging materials, furniture, and displays to encourage independence, promote caring, and maximize learning.
*  Working with Families:  Ideas for involving families as true partners in their children's education
There is also a video to watch that explains the a responsive classroom.

This classroom website was very good as well.  The room was very inviting for children and was colorful.  Everything in the room was labeled and had a well defined space.  Everything was child friendly and easy to access to the children. There where plenty materials in all the learning areas I am sure this cuts down on fighting over toys and materials.  Overall the classroom set up was very nice and engaging for the students who attend this school.

This website was also very informative when it comes to classroom management. The preschool has strict standards when it comes to classroom management and class size.  The class size ranges between 10-16 children in the class.  Each class is required to have two teachers.  Having small classroom sizes helps with managing behavior when it comes to the learning environment.



  1. The last website that you posted was very helpful on explanations for having small classes compared to large one for learning and planning purposes.

  2. The key responsive notes are a good selling point